family portrait of brown family created using composite photography by photillustrator

Why it Takes Space Shuttles to Get Composites Noticed

It actually doesn’t take a space shuttle or any other fancy things you think you need to get your Composite Photography noticed, but in the beginning, I know it can feel that way.

Today, I’m going to share some ideas on getting your work noticed while breaking down my latest Composited Portrait called “The Race”.

BTW… Who do you think is going to win this EPIC Race?

When you get on Instagram or Facebook do you ever feel like there’s NO WAY you can create such epic Composites?

Because you don’t travel the world, live in a cool scenic place, or you don’t have access to celebrities, there’s NO WAY your Composites will ever get noticed?

Let’s fuel up our jets cuz I’m taking you on a tour of reality.

Starting “The Race”

The #1 reason I create Composited Portraits, mostly focused on people’s amazing homes and lifestyles, is because I realized the “scene” in your Composites are as important as the characters in your Composites.

In other words, I think of the scene as one more character in the story.

By now, if you’ve been following my work, you know I start every Composite I create by first doing a Concept Sketch, which allows me to take a relatively average scene and turn it into something magical.

composite photography idea for the brown family portrait

I’m gonna be honest…

It’s a whole lot easier to Make Awesome Pictures when you’ve got awesome scenes and characters to work with.

But, the difference between an OK photographer and an Awesome Photographer who creates ART, in my opinion, is their ability to take something that looks average and turn it into something amazing.

Now, I’m super fortunate that I get to work with amazing people living what a lot of us photographers would consider amazing lifestyles, but it wasn’t always that way.

After all, we all have to start somewhere right?

Many of my earlier Composites featured scenes that were far from “epic”, like the Composited Portrait I did for Davis Street Tattoo and Rick Fairless’ World. But these Composites, as average as they are compared to what I get to do today, challenged my Compositing skills and taught me to see the awesomeness within any scene or character I’m fortunate enough to work with.

Seeing the Potential

I think buying a house sucks!

Mostly because I have a hard time looking past the yellow painted wood paneling, the nasty carpet, and the outdated appliances.

I just can’t see past all the yuck to see the amazing potential a house might have.

Thankfully my wife can, which means I get to live in a cool little house here in Dallas, TX.

Creating Awesome Composites is a lot like buying a house in the sense that you have to be able to see the hidden potential of the scene and characters you’re working with.

Thanks to Photoshop, and if you really know how to use it, you can literally transform anything from looking nice to looking AMAZING.

OK, let’s breakdown “The Race” and see what went into it.

photography breakdown of composite photography family portrait of brown family

1. Ike
2. Candy & Amanda
3. Aaron & Zach
4. Jordan
5. Nolan
6. Nolan’s Leg
7. Marcus
8. Marcus’ Legs
9. Crosby
10. Marley
11. House 1
12. House 2
13. House 3
14. House 4
15. Pool 1
16. Pool 2

17. Pool Edge & Grass
18. Grass Area
19. Patio 1
20. Patio 2
21. Sky 1
22. Sky 2
23. Background Tree
24. Flying Birds 1
25. Flying Birds 2
26. Foreground Tree
27. Foreground Tree
28. Private Jet
29. Forklift
30. NFI Semi Truck
31. Old Red Car
32. Grill Bar

33. Fire
34. Smoke Effect
35. Lays Chips
36. Wine
37. Hong Kong Flag
38. Baseball Tag
39. Zach’s Dog
40. Flower
41. Champagne Cork
42. Champagne Spray
43. Street Sign
44. Space Shuttle
45. Shoes
46. State of Texas
47. Beach Ball
48. Italia Artwork

Reality vs. Imagination

Most people are like I am buying a house.

They just can’t see beyond what they’re looking at, which is why your Composite Photography vision is so dang important.

We give people the opportunity to see their family in a way they could only imagine, and if we really want to affect their lives, we give them the opportunity to show the world how awesome their family really is.

As you can see in the above Before and After, the house in the original photo is nice but nothing compared to what it looks like in the final family portrait.

before and after of composite photography of ike brown

before and after of composite photography of candy brown and amanda brown

composite photography before and after of aaron and zach brown

composite photography before and after of jordan brown

It Doesn’t Hurt to Include a Space Shuttle

Remember when I said you don’t need a space shuttle and all that kind of stuff to Make Awesome Pictures and to get your work noticed?

You don’t, but I have to say, it also doesn’t hurt. LOL

So you can get a better idea of how this portrait came together and some of the obstacles we had to overcome to make it work, here are some of the photos we used to create the toys the family is racing around their backyard.

composite photography portrait of the brown family by photillustrator

ike and candy brown private jet used for composite photography family portrait

nfi semi truck photographed for composite photography family portrait

nfi forklift photographed for composite photography family portrait

ike brown personal red car

See The Potential

The bottom line here is if you want to create Composites that make people stop and take notice, you have to be able to see the potential in an otherwise normal scene and/or character.

If you don’t believe me, just look at every Composited Portrait I’ve ever created.

My clients, for the most part, aren’t celebrities and look pretty much like you and me, and while they may have nice homes, it’s definitely not Hawaii or Australia or Dubai or Bahli. Which BTW, probably seem pretty “normal” also if you’re a Hawaiian, Australian, Dubaian, or Bahlin (not sure those are all real words, but you get my point).

It’s just Dallas, TX.

How can you turn where you live into a magical scene other photographers wish they could have access to?

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