How to Easily Watermark your Photos in Lightroom

Do you want your photos to look more professional and for people to know who you are when they see your amazing work?

By the time you’re done watching this short video, you’re going to know how to easily watermark your photos in Lightroom so you look like an old pro, or a young pro, or even a middle-aged pro like me, but regardless, you’re going to look like a pro.

Now, this is the exact same way I watermark every image I export from Lightroom and I guarantee it’s super fast and super easy to do.

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Watermarking in Lightroom

If you’re more of a reader than a watcher, here’s a brief step-by-step of how to watermark your images using Lightroom.

Step #1: Export your Image using Lightroom

exporting in lightroom

Step #2: Select “Edit Watermarks”

editing in adobe lightroom

Step #3: Select “Choose” to Choose Image

choose your watermark image for adobe lightroom

Step #4: Select the Watermark Effects you Want

select the watermark effects you want for adobe lightroom

Step #5: Select “Save” to Save your Watermark

save your adobe lightroom watermark

Step #6: You Now Look Like a Pro

composite photography portrait by composite photographer jason ulsrud

BOOM! There you have it!

A fast and easy watermark using Lightroom and now your photos not only look way more professional, but people will actually know who made that awesome image, and with the right watermark design, they’ll even know how to get ahold of you to hire you for your awesome photography.

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What would you like to know or learn about Lightroom?

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