Holiday Composite Competition

It’s Time to Spice Up the Holidays with some Fun Holiday Cards

creative holiday card by photillustrator

Most people receive boring Holiday cards they barely look at for a couple of seconds before shelving it until the end of the Holidays. Well, NOT this Holiday Season because we’re creating fun and entertaining cards people can’t help but notice, and you could win some cool prizes in the process.

Competition Steps and Rules

Step #1: Create an Awesome Holiday Composite

This is your chance to create anything you want to put on a Holiday card that will stand out and get noticed. Here are the RULES to help guide you in your Holiday Composite.

  1. All photos or graphics used in your Composite must be yours.
  2. Must include 4 images or more.
  3. All photography and artwork must be by you.

Step #2: Turn Your Composite into a Holiday Card

Now that you’ve created your Awesome Composite it’s time to have it printed so you can share it with the world. Here are some helpful tips and links to get you started.

  • Consider having your card printed in a different format to help you stand out.
  • CLICK HERE to check out who Photillustrator uses for printing Holiday cards.

Step #3: Mail your Holiday Card to Photillustrator

My goal with the Holiday card Competition is to inspire you to share your Composite Photography with everyone you know, which is why you will be mailing your card to Photillustrator.

  1. For your Composite to be considered, it MUST be mailed to Photillustrator.
  2. Send cards to: Photillustrator ~ c/o Jason Ulsrud ~ 1811 Random Oaks Dr. ~ Rockwall, TX 75087
  3. Help you card get noticed with a personal note and/or stickers.
  4. DEADLINE for receiving your cards is Tuesday, December 18th.

Step #4: Judging and Picking a WINNER

The hardest part of all competitions is selecting the winner, but it’s a competition and there must be a winner. So, Team Photillustrator will choose the 5 Holiday cards that stand out the most and our Masters on the Photillustrator Masters Facebook Group will select the final winner.

  • Team Photillustrator will choose the top 5 cards that stand out the most.
  • The Winner will be selected by our Masters on the Photillustrator Masters Facebook Group.
  • You will have between December 21st and January 1st to vote on your favorite Holiday card.

Prizes and Winning Presents

The WINNER of our Holiday card Compositing Competition will be showered in prizes and opportunities. Ok, a choice of 3 prizes and some pretty cool opportunities such as having their Composite featured on the Photillustrator Masters Facebook Group and being a guest on the Make Awesome Pictures podcast. See? Pretty cool stuff!

Advanced Shadows Tutorial

3 Hours Skype Coaching

2 Days 1-on-1 Compositing