MAP 21: Making Awesome Shadows and Starting your Business

How would you like to create better Shadows in your Composites, or know how to export images for large scale printing, or how about start a Composite Photography business?

In this episode of the Make Awesome Pictures podcast I answer all those questions, making it easier for you to take your Composite Photography to the Next Level.

Mastering your craft starts with creating better Shadows, which you can now do with my totally FREE Shadows MINI Course where I show you how light effects Shadows, and how you can easily fix the most common Shadow mistake made today.

get jason ulsrud free shadow course for composite photographers

3 Take-a-Ways from this Episode

Take-a-Way #1: Free and Premium Shadows Courses

Whether you’re just starting out in Composite Photography or you’ve been doing it for awhile, you’ll up your Compositing game with my new Shadows Courses.

Take-a-Way #2: Exporting Images for Large Scale Printing

Finally, I’m unlocking the mystery of how to export your small image files so you can create large scale prints.

Take-a-Way #3: How to Start a Composite Photography Business

Starting any business isn’t easy but there are simple steps you can start taking that will launch your business in a successful way.

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Comments (2)

Hi Jason. I enjoy the podcast quite a bit. Are you gonna be doing more episodes?

Not anytime soon pal. It’s been biting into my creative time too much, which is my biggest priority. Maybe I’ll bring it back at some point on down the road. Thanks for tuning in.

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