MAP 20: Creating Photography that goes Viral with Josh Rossi

What does it take to make your photography go viral or to create a Composite series that’s so awesome, it goes viral?

Of course, whether your work goes viral or not is mostly out of your control, but there are things you can do to nudge it in the viral direction.

That’s why I brought my guest today, Josh Rossi, on the Make Awesome Pictures podcast so he could share some of his most valuable secrets to creating images that go viral.

adobe composite by josh rossi

3 Take-a-Ways from this Episode

Here’s what you can expect to get from this EPIC episode and my conversation with Digital Artist and Composite Photographer, Josh Rossi.

Take-a-Way #1: How to get your Composites Noticed

While most of us are focused on creating awesome Composites, there is more to the story when it comes to actually getting noticed for your awesome work.

Take-a-Way #2: How to make your Composites go Viral

We all know we want it, but is there more to the story when it comes to creating Composites that are loved so much, they go viral?

Take-a-Way #3: How I was Inspired by Josh’s Adobe Composite

Art is created because of inspiration and inspiration can be found from the newest of photographers to those we all look up to, and from things that have nothing to do with photography.

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BIG thanks to Josh Rossi for his time and sharing his unique knowledge on creating viral photography.

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