MAP 19: Giving Up on my Composite Photography Dreams

Have you ever struggled with being a creative person or a photographer?

Every year at the beginning of the year, I find myself in the same exact situation, which is why I wanted to share this episode of the Make Awesome Pictures podcast with you.

Maybe you or someone you know, struggles with this thing we call creativity and making money at being creative.

Now, if you’re wondering what that struggle is, listen in on this episode where I open up and share some of the Stinking Thinking I’ve been struggling with and I even read a portion of my journal in hopes it will help you.

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3 Take-a-Ways from this Episode

Take-a-Way #1: The Struggle of being Creative

I open up on my biggest struggles as a creative person who’s running a business that specializes in Composite Photography.

Take-a-Way #2: It’s not in My Boat

While the universe seems to be conspiring against you and all the hard work you’re doing to achieve your dreams, the only thing you really can control is your ability to Make Awesome Pictures.

Take-a-Way #3: How to Handle that Dreaded Pricing Question

I share a recent email from a prospective client asking about pricing and I read you exactly my email response back to her. Definitely worth the listen.

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