MAP 16: Photography & Digital Art with Nemanja Sekulic

Want to know how to make money at Composite Photography and Digital Art so you can always do what you love.

My guest today on the Make Awesome Pictures podcast, Nemanja Sekulic, shares his journey to becoming Awesome with Photoshop and how he has created multiple revenue streams so he can always do what he loves.

Nemanja has created some of the planet’s most recognizable images and is highly sought after for his unique style and tutorials on YouTube.

composite photography and digital art with nemanja sekulic

3 Take-a-Ways from this Episode

Here’s what you can expect to get from this EPIC episode and my conversation with Composite Photographer, Nemanja Sekulic.

Take-a-Way #1: Becoming Awesome at Photoshop

Starting with Photoshop back before YouTube or any video training, Nemanja shares how he became a Master at Photoshop and how you can become Awesome at Photoshop.

Take-a-Way #2: Coming up with Creative Ideas

Drawing inspiration from his love for magic and science fiction, Nemanja shares some of his favorite ways to get inspired and come up with creative ideas for his work.

Take-a-Way #3: Diversifying your Business Portfolio

Wanting to always do what he loves, Nemanja shares the many different ways he’s created income from his work so he never has to do anything but what he loves.

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Special thanks to Nemanja Sekulic for his time and sharing how he’s become a Master at Photoshop and Digital Art.

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