TCD 006 – Going Epic with Cosplay Photographer Ryan Sims

How do you go from doing everyday boring photography to creating Cosplay images that are out of this world?

In this episode of the Creative Difference Podcast I talk with master Cosplay photographer, Ryan Sims, who gets into how he became inspired to create epic Cosplay imagery. There’s a lot of photographers creating Cosplay but I believe Ryan Sims is among the very best. So, let’s make a difference with Cosplay photographer, Ryan Sims.

Kiss by cosplay photographer ryan sims

3 Take-a-Ways from this Episode

Here’s what you can expect to get from this EPIC episode and my conversation with Cosplay and Composite Photographer, Ryan Sims.

Take-a-Way #1: What inspired him to cosplay

Find out how Ryan became inspired to become a Cosplay photographer and why he’s so passionate about what he does.

Take-a-Way #2: How Ryan creates his special effects

Ryan is among very few Composite Photographers and Digital Artists who creates their own special effects and he shares a few of his secrets here.

Take-a-Way #3: Turning passion into a business

While Ryan is just now stepping into the business arena, we talk about how important it is to plant your flag and specialize in a style.

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BIG thanks to Ryan Sims for his time and sharing his unique knowledge on Cosplay & Composite photography.

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Thanks for having me on the podcast! I had a great time.

Me too, and thank you for sharing your expertise.

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