TCD 005 – Why Your Creativity doesn’t belong in a Box

The definition of Creativity is; the use of the imagination or original ideas especially in the production of an artistic work.

If creativity is indeed the use of our imagination and original ideas, then how are limitations conducive to creativity? Jason Ulsrud dives into the three types of people who try to put your Creativity in a Box and explores why this topic is so important for artists.

By conforming to the rules and boundaries set forth by those who wish they were creative, you’re choosing to be like everyone else producing average works of “art”. Notice the quotes.

Also, as promised in this podcast episode, here are the images of my bike crash and my latest Composited Portrait of myself and kids.

jason ulsrud bloody following a bike crash

jason ulsrud giant bike after crash

photo composite photography of jason ulsrud photographing wildlife

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Comments (2)

First, ouch! I hope you’re alright and sorry to hear about your bike. From the little I know of you, you will (are) already back up and pushing your boundaries again.

Second, I hear you loud and clear on the competition challenge/problem. I’ve been competing for a few years now, and while it has helped me to learn more about photography, I do feel it focused on the tried and true of yesterday and not focusing on the bright and creative of tomorrow. There are a few exceptions of artist who have broken through the old paradigms, and I pray people will begin to realize you don’t have to follow the rules to create fantastic images.

I really like “the tried and true of yesterday and not focusing on the bright and creative of tomorrow”. Well put sir! Also, and this is just my opinion, “creativity” has nothing to do with rules, following traditional composition rules, or breaking those silly rules. Creativity is free from the boundaries of rules.

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