TCD 004 – Golden Rule of Compositing with Robert Cornelius

What is the most important element when it comes to Composite Photography and do your Composites have it?

In this episode of the Creative Difference podcast I talk with Robert Cornelius about the Golden Rule of Composite Photography, what inspires him to create such amazing digital art, and we have a funny conversation about the equipment he uses. Not only will you be entertained by this amazing photographer but you’ll schooled by one of the best.

digital artist and composite photographer robert cornelius

3 Take-a-Ways from this Episode

Here’s what you can expect to get from this EPIC episode and my conversation with Digital Artist and Composite Photographer, Robert Cornelius.

Take-a-Way #1: Being inspired and getting inspired

I ask Robert where he finds the inspiration behind his amazing work and how he inspired me early in my Composite Photography journey.

Take-a-Way #2: Gear and Creative Process

Robert and I have a few laughs over what gear we use and the creative process that creates such uniquely different images.

Take-a-Way #3: Golden Rule of Composite photography

Robert talks about what he thinks is the Golden Rule of Composite Photography and the number one thing you can do if you want to Master the Composite.

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BIG thanks to Robert Cornelius for his time and sharing his unique knowledge on Composite photography.

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