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Capturing your Story and Personality in a One-of-a-Kind Portrait

Why a One-of-a-Kind Portrait?

Your Portrait by Dallas Portrait Photographer, Jason Ulsrud, will be a One-of-a-Kind piece of Portrait Art truly defining you and your family from everyone else.

  • A Unique and Different kind of Portrait
  • Truly Capture your Amazing Personalities
  • Create a Fun and Personal Story
  • Interactive Portraits you’ll Love for Years
  • A Piece of Art Personalized just for You

The Portrait you choose to have made, will say a lot about you, and your Photillustrator Portrait will make a lasting impression you’ll be proud to share with everyone.

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My Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Process for getting a Portrait?

Because your Portrait is a One-of-a-Kind Photillustration, I have developed a 4 Step Photillustrator Process, so we can best showcase your story and personalities.

Starting with a Discovery Session, where I better understand who you are and what you’re looking for, together we develop the concept for your Photillustrator Portrait.

Once I’ve created your Concept Sketch for your Portrait, we meet for the Approval Session where you have 100% control of the final Portrait Concept.

Next is the Photo Session(s) to capture the necessary images for your Photillustration, my Photillustrator Editing Process, followed by Custom Printing of your Portrait, to finally end with the Big Reveal where you will Experience your One-of-a-Kind Portrait for the first time.

How long does it take to get a Portrait made?

On average you can expect your One-of-a-Kind Photillustrator Portrait to take between 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on concept and schedule availability.

With my Classic Family Portraits requiring 3 to 4 weeks, my Signature Family Portraits requiring 4 to 8 weeks, and my Celebrity Showcase Portraits requiring between 4 to 12 weeks to create.

How do I Get Started with Photillustrator?

Because of the high demand for my One-of-a-Kind Photillustrator Portraits, the fastest way to get started, is to simply give me a call and check schedule availability.

If you’d like your Photillustrator Portrait for a special occasion or event, I highly recommend reserving your dates as soon as possible.

Can you do a Portrait that's not so Crazy?

YES… I frequently tell clients, “The only limitation we have is your own imagination. So, if you can think it, I can create it.”

If you don’t see a portrait within my Photillustrator Galleries you feel fits your personality, but you want a Photillustrator Style Portrait, simply give me a call and we can discuss what you’re looking for.

Can I use my own Photos for my Portrait?

Typically NO… Because of image quality, lighting, perspective, and angles, I will be capturing all the necessary images for your One-of-a-Kind Photillustrator Portrait during our Photo Session.

On occasion, however, I can include photos of loved ones who have passed away, or who are not main characters within your Portrait. Click Here to Read More→

What are your fees for a Photillustrator Portrait?

To get started with your Photillustrator Portrait, there is a $550 Reservation Fee due at the end of the Discovery Session if you choose to have me create your Amazing Portrait.

My One-of-a-Kind Portraits start at $1,625 and go up depending on which Series you choose, and the size that best fits your wants, which will all be discussed in more detail during your Discovery Session.

Do you do Portraits in other States?

YES… I’m frequently asked the question, “Where is your studio?”, and my answer is always, “The world is my studio!”

Because every Photo I take is on location, either at your home or capturing stock images for the scenery of your Photillustration, it makes it easy to travel anywhere in the world to create your One-of-a-Kind Portrait.

When should I schedule my Discovery Session?

ASAP… Holidays and Birthdays are two very common times people want to have a Photillustration created of their family, which means my schedule fills up very quickly.

Because of scheduling and the complexity of creating your One-of-a-Kind Family Portrait, having more time will allow me to create a Portrait you’ll absolutely love.

If you think it’s too early, it’s not. Call as soon as you can so you can for sure have your Portrait for your event.

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