Composite Photography Tools

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Gear to Create Uniquely Different Composites

Your Brain

The Genesis of All Creativity

Your brain weighs roughly 3lbs. and uses 20% of the oxygen you breathe. It not only controls every single function within your body, but it’s the Epicenter of all Creativity and Experience. All great Composite Photography begins first with your Creative Vision, and all great Composites resonate with the Human Experience, making it the most important Photography Tool we all poses.

creative brain is the best tool for composite photography

Your Camera

The Composite Photographers Brush

Like a brush is to a painter, your Camera is the Photography Tool that allows you to bring your Creative Ideas to the real world. The brand of Camera, and the kind of Camera, you use is far less important than your ability to use them. Knowing your Photography Tools allows you to spend more time creating Composites and less time worrying about image quality, exposures, and depth-of-field.

Your Lights

The Composite Photographers Paint

If the camera is your brush, then the light is your paint. The type of light you choose, artificial or natural, depends entirely on your style of Composite Photography. While each lighting kit arguably has its positives and negatives, having a good understanding of light and its relationship to shadows is essential for producing Uniquely Different Composites that get attention.

lighting for composite photography

apple imac used for composite photography

Your Technology

The Composite Photographers Pallete

Composite Photography IS possible because of the Amazing technology available. Whether you’re an Apple guy like myself, love your Microsoft platform, can’t live without your Wacom Tablet, or don’t use a tablet at all doesn’t really matter. Technology is only a Composite Photography tool with the sole purpose of making it easier for you to express yourself and create Uniquely Different Composites.

Your Software

The Composite Photographers Canvas

The single barrier to becoming a Composite Photographer is the Photoshop Software. To become really good at Compositing, you have to be willing to learn how to use your tools. Your Compositing Skills will only be as good as your ability to use your tools. Spend some time learning how to use the Amazing tools you have available so you can create Amazing Composites.

using photoshop for composite photography

Uniquely Different Composites

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